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Battle Ready Series

Constantly expanding our craft. Perfecting our vision. Maximizing our impact. As we are making more than apparel; we are creating empowerment through our art. We want to provide a sense of strength and persistence. Demonstrating that regardless of what life throws at you, the only thing you can control is your actions. The act of […]

Help The Homeless

In expansion of our efforts to support our most vulnerable population, the homeless, we are launching a nutrition outreach program. In our aim to feed the hungriest, we are fundraising to disperse as many food items as possible directly to homeless individuals, couples, and families. 100 % of the proceeds will go towards purchasing, packaging, […]

We Are Fighters In Life

We are excited to announce the launch of our ‘We Are Fighters In Life’ shirt. It is in honor of all of us, as we fight to conquer the obstacles, uncertainties, and traumas throughout our lives. ‘Fighters In Life’ symbolizes the battles that impact us all in various ways over time; such as car accidents, […]

Educational Trip To Nicaragua

The Fighter Brand has always believed in being a part of the community – as it is where we find our strength, growth, creativity, and roots. Therefore, we promote relationships, connections, and awareness within the community as it leads to collective enhancement. In order to enrich our commitment, we team up with like minded individuals […]

Community Involvement

The Fighter Brand recently had the opportunity to join the community at the Junior Olympic LBC Tournament hosted by the Sheriff’s Community Impact Program & Impact Boxing Club. The Sheriff’s Community staff, local boxing gyms from across the Bay Area and the Valley, families, friends, and others were present as we got a sneak peak […]


As a locally owned and operated business, The Oven Press advocates for the enhancement of our community through the art that we share. However, we are also engaged in community outreach projects to carry our message of empowerment to those who are the most vulnerable, such as our homeless population. Therefore, we are collecting non-perishable […]

Welcome to the Fighter Team!

As The Fighter Brand continues to grow to new heights, swiftly through obstacles as well as triumphs, we feel it’s important to support others who are developing their passions as well. Therefore, today we are announcing that we are embarking on a new sponsorship with Dalia. Not only is Dalia working towards excelling in her […]