Educational Trip To Nicaragua


The Fighter Brand has always believed in being a part of the community – as it is where we find our strength, growth, creativity, and roots. Therefore, we promote relationships, connections, and awareness within the community as it leads to collective enhancement.

In order to enrich our commitment, we team up with like minded individuals who are trying to enhance their communities as well.

In this continual quest of empowerment, we are introducing our newest expanded partnership with one of our sponsored athletes: Dalia Gomez. In addition to supporting Dalia’s boxing endeavors, we are also supporting her upcoming project:
She has created a program to have student athletes from the Bay Area experience what it is to live in Nicaraguan culture – which they otherwise would most likely not have an opportunity to experience. In addition to the cultural immersion, she is donating boxing equipment ranging from gloves, wraps, shoes, etc. to up and coming student athletes in Nicaragua during this trip.

In our support, we as The Fighter Brand will be providing them with t-shirts to sell to help pay for their trip, t-shirts to wear as well that represent their journey, along with t-shirts to donate to Nicaraguan students athletes. We have developed a design that represents this endeavor, so that this experiential and philanthropic legacy isn’t forgotten.

We hope that this shirt is one of many to inspire others in the future to continue to expand their experience and support for other cultures – in every generation.

If you want to contribute to this program in any way such as monetary or through gear, please contact Dalia at:

We are honored to be a part of such a humbling and empowering event.