The Oven

The story of The Oven began almost 10 years ago when two friends, known to some as Esco and Zeus, moved into a small second-story apartment. Both young men were enrolled in the same university and despite having different goals; they shared the same urge to create. Their rundown apartment had a poorly functioning air conditioner, which made for hot days and longer nights. The guys jokingly dubbed their new home “The Oven.” Inside THE OVEN, Esco and Zeus spent countless hours having conversations about art, politics, business and life’s randomness.

As undergraduates, both friends worked on their individual projects. Zeus focused on the art of film production: writing screenplays and shooting short films, music videos and weddings. Esco focused on the art of photography and design: creating countless posters and party flyers as well as conducting many photo shoots. Whenever a project idea sparked in their minds, the guys said it “came out of The Oven.” Without realizing it, Esco and Zeus created a metaphor for their high level of creative productivity. The Oven would become more than they expected.

One of the projects born in The Oven was a clothing line. As a graphic designer and photographer, Esco had an enduring interest in creatively expressive T-shirts, but he had a difficult time finding ones that related to him. One day while shopping at a major department store, he came across shirts with poor designs. He wondered how such work could be sold at a reputable store. Esco knew he could create something better and sent out to fill this artistic void by designing shirts that he would proudly wear.

Shortly afterwards, Esco pitched the idea of starting a clothing line to his friend/Oven roommate Zeus. His vision was to make T-shirts that would represent their views. Zeus agreed and the journey began. When the first shirt design was finalized, they placed their first order. When the box arrived, Rebel Voices Clothing was officially born. At this time, both guys were unemployed and recent college graduates with little but their vision and drive to make their dreams a reality. Their first obstacle was a shortage of money. However, they believed in their product and agreed to make a small investment towards producing it.

When their small inventory of shirts arrived, the two friends embarked on their first “shirt tour.” Over the next few years, they traveled across northern California selling shirts at markets, festivals, concerts and anywhere they could. Esco and Zeus met a lot of people along the way. On some nights, they slept in their truck alongside of the road. On other nights, people who bought their shirts offered them a place to sleep when they learned the guys were far from home. Esco and Zeus went days without showering, slept in strangers’ living rooms and wore the same clothes.

As their sales increased, the now business partners invested their profits on new shirts with new designs. Esco and Zeus became more motivated as their company grew in sales and production as well as in new members joining the team. To continue expanding their creative production, The Oven Team developed two new brands to serve two different markets: FCF Clothing and Rebel Royalty Clothing.

What started as an inside joke between two roommates became something bigger. THE OVEN became a literal and metaphorical space where two friends explored their ideas on a range of topics. Their long conversations sparked many of their creative projects. Esco and Zeus combined their talents into developing a diverse selection of clothing lines. From their humble beginnings and through their sacrifice, hard work and commitment; these two young men turned an idea into a company. This journey continues today as The Oven Team strives to create distinctive quality apparel that appeals to a wide audience.


The Oven

is a collection of distinct clothing brands created by two friends. Each brand has its own mission and we invite you to explore each one at its respective page.

“Transforming ideas into wearable art.”



Rebel Voices Clothing

was created to enlighten, educate and spark a revolutionary mentality in today’s youth. Armed with a combination of modern fashion, universal issues and timeless wisdom; this stylish, innovative and unapologetic clothing line aims to provide a voice for the often voiceless.

“A Voice for The Voiceless.”



Fighter Apparel

The obstacles you overcame have made you who you are. Your inextinguishable spirit shall triumph over adversity. Today you define your future. You are a Fighter.

“Victory is reserved for those who are willing to pay its price.”



Rebel Royalty Clothing

We, the Rebel Royalty, embody the American spirit: the urge to be original and to individually stand out. Only we possess the power to rebel against an empire of normality. Only we, the righteous ones, can dictate our own futures and take destiny into our own hands. Only we, a royal court of creative, innovative, and fearless individuals, have the power to create our own legacy. A legacy that can never be forgotten.

“Out of Many, One.”